What You Should Not Eat When Wearing Braces

What You Should Not Eat When Wearing BracesBraces are one of the most popular types of orthodontic treatment. They consist of brackets that are bonded to your teeth and an archwire that is attached to each bracket using special bands. Although braces are designed for durability, they can be damaged. Good dental hygiene is important for keeping your teeth healthy during orthodontic treatment, but you might also need to watch what you eat, since some foods could increase the risk of tooth decay, break your archwires, or loosen your brackets.

Foods to avoid include:

• Starchy or sugary foods – Chips, crackers, cupcakes, cookies, soft drinks, and other sweet or starchy treats can increase plaque buildup, which can lead to tooth decay and gum disease. Limit or avoid these foods to protect your smile.

• Sticky foods – Caramel, taffy, gum, and other sticky foods can stick to your teeth, making them tough to clean, but they can also stick to your braces and could damage or break them. Avoid these foods entirely.

• Hard, crunchy snacks – Popcorn, nuts, hard pretzels, hard candy, and other hard foods can break wires and brackets.

• Large fibrous foods – Carrots, apples, and pears are good for you and your smile, but they can cause problems with your braces. Instead of eliminating them from your diet, cut them into small, bite-sized pieces so that they are easier and safer to eat during treatment.

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