What to Do with Yellowed Teeth

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What to Do with Yellowed Teeth

Yellow teeth can keep your smile from being everything it can be. They can age your whole appearance, making you feel too self-conscious to smile. If your teeth are yellow, know that our expert in teeth whitening in North Hollywood can help.

Several things can lead to having yellow teeth. Most commonly, teeth become stained as a result of diet and lifestyle factors. Smoking tobacco is a major factor, but you may also have yellow teeth if you eat certain foods and drink certain beverages. This includes berries, curries, tomato products, wine, coffee, soda and fruity drinks. Your teeth can also become yellow as a result of the aging process. The hard enamel surface of teeth becomes worn over time, and this allows the darker dentin to show through. You can slow the process by limiting how much of these substances you eat and drink. When you do drink something that is likely to stain, use a straw to limits its access to the teeth and rinse your mouth with water immediately after drinking.

Good dental habits are one of the best ways to keep your teeth from becoming stained. Nonetheless, if you notice that you already have yellow stains, whitening may be an option. Teeth whitening treatments use peroxide to lighten the stains inside the tooth structure. In-office and at-home whitening treatments are a safe and effective way to brighten your smile. They can also be a great option for both age-related and lifestyle-related stains. Call us today to learn more about yellow teeth or to schedule your whitening consultation.

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