What Damages the Teeth

What Damages the TeethTeeth are strong and can last a lifetime when you take care of them, but they can be damaged by some pretty surprising things. Check your daily routine for any sneaky tooth-damaging habits, and ditch these risky practices before they lead to cavities or worse.

1. Bread
Most people think that as long as they limit candy, they don’t need to worry about sweets and cavities. In reality, bread is full of processed carbohydrates and simple sugar, and it tends to stick to your teeth and feed oral bacteria long after your sandwich is gone. Always read the label to make sure you are getting whole grain bread without any added sugars.

2. Swimming
Swimming is a great workout that can help you stay fit, but all the chlorine and other chemicals in your pool can erode enamel, which leaves them more vulnerable to damage. Keep your mouth closed when swimming, and brush gently after any pool time.

3. Excessive brushing
Brushing is a necessity, but brushing too hard, too often or too soon after you eat can all be destructive. Wait about half an hour after you eat or drink something acidic before you brush, and then brush gently using a soft-bristled brush. Brush about two to three times a day for the best results.

Other things that can damage your teeth include using your teeth as tools or using at-home whitening products too frequently.

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