Tooth Loss Can Affect Your Overall Health

Tooth Loss Can Affect Your Overall HealthA missing tooth is more than an eye-sore. It’s a breeding ground for bacteria and decay. Not only can this make a person self-conscious, but it can also afflict their health in an incredibly negative way. Oral health has been linked to cardiovascular health, the propensity for getting diabetes, and a heightened threat of heart attack. A study published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society even links memory issues and lower physical attributes with missing teeth.

The connection between memory and total tooth loss is undoubted. It can play off many factors, such as existing problems, poor habits, depression, and even socioeconomic status. There is a very real link between mental and physical decline and the decline of oral hygiene.
Sometimes brushing and flossing isn’t enough. Normal chewing can keep bone and enamel healthy. Regular abrasion helps preserve that strength and if one or more teeth are missing, then this contact is neglected. That can be very detrimental, causing gum tissue to decrease and possibly leading to more teeth having to go. As outlined by our cosmetic dentist, this can result in digestive or nutritional issues.

There are both physical and psychological effects that come with tooth loss. The features of the face change. It can also greatly impact a person’s social life, as they feel more uncomfortable in public. And if tooth loss makes people more susceptible to gum disease, it also raises the risks of high blood pressure and other such awful traits that can change life for the worse.

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