Tooth Colored Dental Fillings Van Nuys

Tooth Colored Dental Fillings Van Nuys

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A tooth with a cavity will need to be restored with a dental filling to protect its future health. The filling restores the size, shape and appearance of the tooth, and it helps keep the tooth strong to protect it from further damage. If you have a cavity, our Van Nuys dental fillings expert may suggest a tooth colored filling.

White fillings are made of a special material called composite resin. This material comes in an array of tones and shades to match the natural tooth color closely. Our Van Nuys tooth colored fillings dentist can place the filling in just one appointment as with amalgam fillings, but the process and results are a little bit different. We can help you decide if a white filling is right for you.

Van Nuys Tooth Colored Dental Fillings

At your appointment, our expert in dental fillings in Van Nuys will begin by preparing the tooth. A numbing shot will be given to ensure your comfort, and then the tooth will be isolated to prevent contamination. We remove the decayed tissue and clean the tooth carefully. Next, we choose the best color of resin to match the tooth structure and create a seamless restoration.

The filling material is applied in thin layers. Our expert in tooth colored fillings in Van Nuys will carefully mold the filling material to match the contours of the tooth and cure each layer before proceeding to the next. When the tooth has been completely filled, we will trim it and polish it. The filling will be cured and ready to use as soon as you leave our office.

As with amalgam fillings, white fillings are strong and long-lasting. However, they are far more aesthetic than metal fillings and can be nearly indistinguishable from the natural tooth. They bond chemically with the tooth, and they do not expand and contract with temperature changes. To keep your filling in good condition and help get the maximum lifespan from it, you do need to practice good dental habits. Brush and floss as directed, visit us for regular cleanings and checkups, and use a mouth guard when appropriate. Call us today to schedule your appointment with our cosmetic dentist in Van Nuys.

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