Tooth Bleaching Van Nuys

Tooth Bleaching Van NuysKeeping your smile white might sometimes feel like a full-time job. Every day, the things you eat and drink can deposit stains on your teeth. Brushing and flossing can be your first line of defense against these stains. Good dental hygiene removes plaque and reduces the risk of tartar buildup so that your teeth are less likely to become discolored. Dr. Reza, Van Nuys tooth bleaching dentist, can also help you keep your teeth brighter.

Teeth have several layers. The outer layer, or enamel, is made of tightly packed crystalline rods. These rods give teeth their bright, white color. Under the enamel is the dentin. Dentin is much darker than enamel and may be yellow, gray, brown, or black in color. Over time, the enamel layer can thin due to acid erosion, aggressive brushing, or age, and the dentin layer can become more visible, leading to a discolored appearance. Stains can also become absorbed into the porous crystalline structure of the enamel. Dr. Reza, expert in tooth bleaching in Van Nuys, uses special tooth bleaching procedures to combat the most common causes of tooth staining.

Van Nuys Tooth Bleaching

Dr. Reza, Van Nuys tooth bleaching dentist, uses a professional-strength peroxide based bleach to break stains up so that your teeth look brighter and whiter. This bleaching solution can be applied right in our office. As the peroxide breaks down into oxygen and water, the oxygen will penetrate your teeth and begin to break down the stains. A special light will speed up the process and help the peroxide get deep inside your teeth to erase stains, all while leaving the structure of your teeth unchanged. We also offer at-home whitening, which also uses professional-strength peroxide solutions. These are applied using custom-fit mouth trays in the privacy of your home.

After Dr. Reza, expert in tooth bleaching in Van Nuys, has whitened your teeth, you can keep your smile looking brilliant with good dental hygiene. You might want to avoid certain foods, drinks, and habits that could stain your teeth, including coffee, wine, tea, soft drinks, and tobacco. Use touch-up whitening treatments as recommended to remove new stains as they appear.

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