Tooth Bleaching Northridge

Tooth Bleaching Northridge

Good dental hygiene is the best way to keep your teeth healthy and clean, but it might not be enough to keep your teeth white. If your smile has lost its sparkle or no longer looks as white as it once did, you might find yourself hiding it even though it is otherwise healthy. Our Northridge tooth bleaching dentist can help.

As many as ninety percent of American adults are interested in tooth bleaching, but not everyone knows where to start with this popular procedure. Tooth bleaching uses peroxide-based ingredients to break up stains inside the structure of the tooth. Dental enamel is strong and dense, but it is made of microscopic crystals, which are porous and able to be penetrated by stain-causing molecules called chromogens. Coffee, tea, wine, cola, and other foods and drinks are major culprits when it comes to stained teeth, but tobacco and age can also play a role. Our expert in tooth bleaching in Northridge will evaluate your teeth and decide if bleaching is right for you.

Northridge Tooth Bleaching

Bleaching can be a great choice for patients with extrinsic stains, stains caused by substances, or some age-related stains, but it might not be the best choice for every patient. Our Northridge tooth bleaching dentist might suggest an alternative to conventional bleaching if you have veneers, crowns, or discolorations due to dental trauma or medications.

If you are a candidate for professional whitening, our expert in tooth bleaching in Northridge might suggest either at-home or in-office bleaching. Both procedures use powerful professional-strength whitening ingredients. At-home whitening kits are applied using a specially fitted mouth tray, which we will explain how to apply. You will see results gradually over the course of treatment. In-office whitening can also be called chairside bleaching, and this is done right in our office. The gel is applied to your teeth after your gums have been protected, and a laser or special light activates the gel to speed the process and boost the results.

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