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North Hollywood teeth bleaching

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Having your teeth bleached is a great way to get a brighter smile and boost your self-confidence. Stains are common and are usually due to lifestyle factors. You may not be willing to give up your wine, coffee or tea just to keep your teeth white, but getting a teeth bleaching makes it easier to give up the stains. Our North Hollywood teeth bleaching expert can help you decide if teeth bleaching is right for you.

You may be a candidate for teeth bleaching if you:

• Have yellow or brown stained teeth
• Have stains from foods or drinks
• Have stains from nicotine
• Want a whiter smile
• Have no untreated dental diseases

If you are a candidate for teeth bleaching, our expert in teeth bleaching in North Hollywood can recommend specific products and treatments. Two types of professional products are available: in-home treatments and in-office treatments. If you prefer to whiten your teeth at home, our North Hollywood teeth bleaching expert will use dental impressions to create a custom-fit mouth tray. These bleaching trays are designed to maximize contact between the whitening gel and your teeth, as wells as reduce the risk of the peroxide irritating the soft tissues of the mouth. You will wear these trays as recommended, and you should begin to see results within a few days.

North Hollywood Teeth Bleaching

The in-office procedure is a bit different. We perform the entire whitening procedure in our office using a special light that activates the gel and accelerates the whitening. With the special bleaching gel and UV light, our expert in teeth bleaching in North Hollywood can lighten your teeth dramatically in one visit without the need for any more invasive procedures.

Once your teeth have reached your desired shade of white, you can keep them looking great with a few simple changes. Make sure you brush and floss thoroughly every day. This not only removes plaque from your teeth, but it can also help keep superficial stains away. Limit your intake of staining foods and drinks, or rinse carefully with water after enjoying your treat. Make sure to visit us twice a year for professional cleanings, which polish away minor stains to keep your teeth brighter. Touch-up appointments may be recommended periodically to deal with any new stains before they become too deeply embedded. Call us today to learn more or to schedule your appointment with our North Hollywood cosmetic dentist.

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