Sinus Lift Northridge

Sinus Lift Northridge

Dental implants are considered the gold standard in replacing missing teeth. However, for the best results, they need ample bone to support them. If you have lost teeth in your upper jaw and are having them replaced with dental implants, you may benefit from a sinus lift. This procedure augments the bone tissue to better support dental implants. Our dental office in Northridge can help you determine if you need bone grafts or other regenerative procedures.

A sinus lift may be needed if you have decreased bone height in the upper jaw or if the sinuses are too low to place dental implants. This can happen for several reasons, including:

• Periodontal disease, which destroys bone and gum tissue
• Tooth loss, which can lead to resorption of bone tissue
• Abnormal sinus shape or size, or large sinuses
• Natural anatomical variations

Before the implants can be placed, the upper jaw will need to be augmented and the sinuses lifted. This results in a stronger, denser jawbone to fuse with the dental implants.

Our Northridge dentist will first need to take X-rays and possibly a CT scan to better identify the bone structure of your skull, jawbone, and sinuses so that we can properly plan your treatment. During the sinus lift procedure, the bone will be exposed, and a small access point will created. Next, the membrane that separates the jaw from the sinuses is moved, and the grafting material is packed into the area to lift the sinuses. This material may consist of your own tissue or donor tissue. Several millimeters are typically added to the jawbone before the site is closed.

Once the procedure has been completed, it will need to heal before the implants can be placed. The amount of time you need to heal will depend on several factors, including the amount of bone needed and your individual rate of healing. Call our office today to learn more about how a sinus lift can improve your dental implants outcome, or to schedule your consultation with our expert in dental implants in Northridge.

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