Sinus Lift North Hollywood

Sinus Lift North Hollywood

Each tooth in the jaw is surrounded by alveolar bone. This bone is stimulated each time you bite or chew, and that stimulation helps the bone stay strong and dense. If a tooth is lost, the alveolar bone that surrounded it is no longer stimulated, and it begins to resorb, or become re-absorbed into the body. Over time, the jawbone becomes less dense, shorter, and narrower. Dental implants can help prevent bone loss, but if the bone loss has already occurred, our North Hollywood sinus lift dentist might recommend an additional procedure to ensure a satisfactory outcome.

Our expert in sinus lift in North Hollywood might recommend a sinus lift if your sinuses are too close to the jaw, there is not enough bone in the upper jaw, or if you need additional bone to stabilize the dental implants. Many things can lead to inadequate bone tissue in this area, including:

• The natural bone structure in the skull
• Tooth loss in the upper jaw
• Periodontal disease
• The size and shape of the maxillary sinuses
• Age

A sinus lift is a procedure that augments the bone of your sinuses. Tissue is added to the area between your upper jaw near your molars and premolars and your maxillary sinuses. This lifts the position of your sinuses. Our North Hollywood sinus lift dentist can use your bone, donor tissue, or synthetic materials to augment your natural bone tissue. Once the graft site is prepared, the sinus membrane is gently moved away from the jawbone and the bone graft material is packed into the space before the site is closed with stitches.

Some post-procedure swelling is normal, and you might need to use saline spray or medication to promote healing. Discomfort is typically minimal. Our expert in sinus lift in North Hollywood will provide you with detailed aftercare instructions. Over the next several months, the graft material will become incorporated with your own natural bone tissue, creating a strong foundation for your dental implants.

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