Should I Get Dental Implants?

The decision to get dental implants can be a tough one to make. It can be challenging going through life with missing teeth. It can make you feel self-conscious when you talk or smile, which can severely limit the way you interact with people. Missing teeth can also affect the way you talk, eat, and overall oral health. Hamlin Dental Group can help make that choice much easier if you’re looking for a cosmetic dentist in Northridge, North Hollywood, Van Nuys, or Los Angeles.

Dental implants are replacement teeth which replace the missing tooth root, often made with a titanium-based cylinder. Implants are made specifically for each individual patient, to match their natural teeth in color, size, and shape. In the past, dentures and bridges were the more common option to replace missing teeth, but dental implants illustrate a huge advancement in dental technology. Implants are far more durable than other options, often lasting an entire lifetime with good care, and with a success rate of 98%.

Getting a dental implant can improve your overall smile, making you feel more confident in your day to day life. You’ll no longer need to cover your mouth when you laugh or worry about what people think when you smile.

Hamlin Dental Group offers dental implants in Northridge and our other locations. We know that the decision to get dental implants isn’t easy, so we’re ready and willing to answer your questions and ease your fears. We also offer other cosmetic dentistry services from teeth whitening to Invisalign in Northridge and around Southern California.