Scaling and Root Planing Van Nuys

Scaling and Root Planing Van NuysScaling and root planing is a common conservative treatment for periodontal disease. Periodontal disease is one of the most common dental problems in people over the age of 35 and can cause tooth, bone and gum loss. If you have symptoms of periodontal disease, our Van Nuys scaling and root planing expert may recommend this treatment for you.

Essentially, scaling and root planing is a deep-cleaning procedure that removes plaque and tartar from above and below the gum line. Oral bacteria live in plaque and tartar, and as the substances accumulate on your teeth, the bacteria populations increase. This can cause your gums to become inflamed and irritated, and will eventually pull away from the teeth. This leads to periodontal pockets or gaps between the gums and the teeth. Periodontal pockets are difficult to clean and can allow even more bacteria to accumulate. Our expert in scaling and root planing in Van Nuys will deep clean these pockets to start rejuvenating the healing process.

Van Nuys Scaling and Root Planing

Our Van Nuys scaling and root planing expert uses special tools to remove the heavy buildups from the teeth, and then flushes the debris from around the tooth. Both hand-held and ultrasonic instruments may be used to remove the plaque and tartar. We will then use special scaling tools to remove any remaining material, and to smooth the surface of the roots and teeth. This helps reduce future accumulation. We may be able to complete this process in a single visit. Yet, if you have more advanced gum disease, several visits may be needed to finish the job.

Removing the buildup can help manage and reduce bacterial colonies. With fewer irritants, your gums will be able to heal more easily and more quickly. Periodontal pockets can begin to decrease in depth as the gum tissues reattach to the tooth roots. You may also find that it is easier to keep your teeth clean. Our expert in scaling and root planing in Van Nuys may recommend completing other surgical or non-surgical treatments to maintain your gum health and promote healing.