Root Canal North Hollywood

Root Canal North HollywoodRoot canal therapy is a procedure to save a tooth. Our North Hollywood root canal dentist uses root canals to remove diseased, infected or inflamed soft tissues from the interior cavities of the tooth. Without treatment, the infection can spread beyond the tooth and ultimately lead to the loss of the tooth.

Our expert in root canal in North Hollywood may recommend a root canal treatment if you have:

• A badly decayed or damaged tooth
• An abscess or deep cavity
• A tooth that is fractured
• A tooth that has been traumatized or that has had multiple dental procedures
• A severe toothache

At your appointment, our North Hollywood root canal dentist will carefully examine the tooth and surrounding tissues. Dental X-rays or other imaging tests are often used to identify the extent of the inflammation or infection and to determine the number, shape, size and placement of the tooth roots. Most teeth have from one to four roots. Each root canal, or space inside the tooth roots, will need to be cleaned and shaped during the treatment.

North Hollywood Root Canal

We use a local anesthetic to ensure you are fully numb before the treatment. Many candidates for root canal are experiencing pain as a result of the dental disease, so we may need a little extra time or medication to get you fully numb. The canals are cleaned, shaped and disinfected before being sealed. This prevents future infection and is necessary before we can permanently restore the tooth. Our expert in root canal in North Hollywood will explain your restoration options, which will generally involve a dental crown. This may be placed at a later appointment.

After the tooth has been treated, it may continue to be somewhat tender for a few days. This is due to lingering inflammation and should gradually subside. Most people experience dramatic pain relief once the source of the problem, or the nerve of the tooth, has been removed. Good dental hygiene is important after your root canal and will reduce the risk of future problems. Call us to learn more or to schedule an appointment with our dental exam dentist in North Hollywood.

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