Periodontist Los Angeles

When pondering concerns related to teeth, people most often think of issues that directly relate to their pearly, or not-so-pearly, whites. But it is just as important to consider the health of your gums to attain comprehensive dental care. Through offering a qualified periodontist to Los Angeles, Hamlin Dental Group emphasizes preventative gum care that serves the patient in the present and future. If the patient is already suffering with periodontal issues, Hamlin provides the best Los Angeles periodontics available. Gingivitis and accelerated gum disease can lead to other health complications, such as cardiovascular issues and respiratory disease, but the Hamlin periodontists work to end the vicious cycle.

If the Los Angeles periodontist at Hamlin detects the onset of gum disease, he or she will take the steps necessary to prevent additional complications. This may include scaling, cleaning the teeth below the surface of the gums, or root smoothing, which prevents the growth of bacteria. A reliable periodontist in Los Angeles might recommend additional scaling treatments to avoid the removal of teeth or surgical measures. To stop resurgent gum problems, the dentist at Los Angeles’ Hamlin Dental Group will encourage the patient to schedule routine teeth cleanings and screenings. Our caring medical staff will follow up and remind you of your upcoming appointments with your periodontist at Los Angeles’ Hamlin Dental Group.

With offices in North Hollywood, Northridge, and Van Nuys, it is convenient to schedule an appointment with Hamlin Dental Group. If you are in need of standard dental services, cosmetic treatments, or perhaps more extensive periodontal work, please call us today at 888-400-8011.