Periodontics North Hollywood

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Periodontics North Hollywood

Your gum tissue is tough enough to handle the rigors of daily use, but its worst enemy may just surprise you. Oral bacteria, something we all have in our mouths, can attack your gums, and over time, these bacteria weaken the tissues. As the gum tissue becomes inflamed, it may start to bleed or swell. This allows the bacteria to get even deeper under the surface of the gums and may ultimately cost you your teeth. Our North Hollywood periodontics expert can help.

Are your gums healthy? The answer for many people is, “No.” According to an NIH study, more than half of people over 30 have gum disease. These people are not necessarily neglecting their dental health: It can be easy to overlook the symptoms of periodontal problems. This is why it is so important to schedule regular checkups with our North Hollywood periodontist. At your appointment, we will examine not just your teeth but also your gums, jawbone and other periodontal tissues for signs of infection.

North Hollywood Periodontics

Symptoms you may notice at home include:

• Gums that are red, tender, swollen or shiny
• Gums that bleed easily
• A receding gum line
• A persistent bad taste or smell
• Visible pus around the teeth
• Loose teeth or a change in your bite

If you have any of these symptoms, a thorough exam is needed. Our expert in periodontics in North Hollywood will look at your gums, measure the pockets between the gums and teeth, ask about other symptoms and take dental X-rays or other diagnostic images to determine the extent of the infection. We will make specific treatment recommendations according to your needs.

In most cases, we can treat periodontal disease nonsurgically using deep cleaning procedures, antimicrobial treatments and regular periodontal maintenance. If the infection has spread to the underlying tissues and destroyed gum or bone tissue, surgical treatments may be needed, including pocket reduction surgery, gum grafts or bone grafts.

Our periodontist in North Hollywood takes your gum health seriously. Studies have linked periodontal disease with atherosclerosis, heart disease, stroke, pregnancy complications, diabetes and respiratory infections. Call us today to learn more or to schedule an appointment with our dentist in North Hollywood.

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