Periodontics Los Angeles

For Periodontics, Los Angeles residents know they can trust Hamlin Dental Group. Periodontics in Los Angeles is as important as anywhere; however, many residents of the famous Southern California city are still unaware of what the field entails. Simply put, a Los Angeles periodontist, or periodontist anywhere, for that matter, works to support structures of teeth, diseases and the conditions that affect them. These supporting tissues are known as the periodontium, which is how we get the title periodontist. Los Angeles based Hamlin Dental Group is happy to provide the best possible services for patients of any age who are in need of periodontal surgery.

The annual exams and routine teeth cleanings performed by the famously warm, friendly and accommodating team at Hamlin Dental Group also go a long way towards staving off gum disease, one of the chief concerns of a periodontist. However, if the root of a tooth becomes exposed, a Los Angeles periodontics expert might perform gingival grafting, borrowing tissue from the palate to compensate for thin gum tissue. To avoid the removal of teeth or other surgical measures, one of our periodontists may recommend additional scaling treatments. Furthermore, to prevent bacteria growth, they may clean teeth below the surface of the gums in a process known as scaling.

No matter how complex your periodontal need, a Hamlin Dental Group professional is happy to help in any way possible. For first rate periodontics, Los Angeles residents are urged to contact our friendly staff today. For dental patients of all ages, we are sure we’ll be able to provide you with expert service in a warm, comforting environment.