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Pediatric Dentist Van NuysOne of the best gifts any parent can give their child is the gift of healthy habits. Our Van Nuys pediatric dentist has a comprehensive dental practice that focuses on serving children’s dental care needs. We have a team of dental specialists and general dentists who work together to create complete treatment strategies for children that help keep them on the path to good dental health. We start them with a solid education on proper dental hygiene techniques and the importance of routine dental care because early dental education is the foundation for many years of happy, healthy smiles.

Our pediatric dentist in Van Nuys emphasizes preventive care. You can begin teaching your baby healthy dental habits even before the first teeth erupt by cleaning their gums after each feed. Once their first teeth appear, use a soft-bristled toothbrush to gently clean the teeth. By early childhood, the primary teeth will begin falling out and secondary teeth will be erupting. This can be an exciting time for her and you. Encourage her to maintain good brushing and flossing habits, and supervise them until they are doing well on their own.

Van Nuys Childrens Dentist

Your child should have their first dental checkup by the time they are a year old. Even if they do not yet have any teeth, this will be a good chance for them to meet our Van Nuys pediatric dentist and get familiar with routine dental care. We will perform a regular dental exam and begin to teach them the importance of keeping the teeth healthy. At each subsequent checkup, we will build on these early lessons with a review of their dental hygiene routine, nutritional habits, athletic activities, and other dental habits.

We also offer an extensive selection of treatments to correct dental problems. Our kids dentist in Van Nuys offers:

• Tooth-colored dental fillings to restore lost tooth structure that has been damaged due to decay or dental trauma
• Dental extractions, which can be needed when a tooth is badly damaged or preventing the eruption of a permanent tooth
• Crowns to cover and protect badly damaged teeth
• Orthodontics to correct bite abnormalities and crooked teeth

Our Van Nuys kids dentist can explain how a healthier mouth can help kids have better overall health. We offer dental treatments, such as dental sealants, that can help kids prevent many dental problems and improve their oral health. Talk to our childrens dentist in Van Nuys for more information.

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