Our Dentists and Orthodontists will Keep Your Family Smiling

For those who are in need of general cleanings, dental fillings in Los Angeles or any number of related procedures, Hamlin Dental Group is always the ideal choice. That’s because our dental is team is not only famous for our unparalleled skill and experience, but also for our warm, friendly approach to dentistry that is appropriate for patients of all ages.

From our child-friendly waiting room – featuring colorful, recognizable cartoon characters on the walls – to our gentle dentist, Hamlin Dental Group has always been committed to offering dentistry that makes families feel comfortable visiting the dentist together. This gentle, conservative approach makes us a particular favorite among children who require oral surgery in Los Angeles.

No child likes to hear that they’ll require oral surgery, but the truth is that many of us require braces or other orthodontics at some point in life. At Hamlin Dental Group, we take orthodontic issues seriously, which is why children, adults and seniors alike are always grateful to receive treatment from out team for issues like tooth decay, impacted teeth, unequal jaw growth and TMJ disorders.

We also provide dental crowns to Los Angeles-based patients who are concerned about both the look and health of their teeth. After all, the gentle approach of our team is equally effective for ensuring artful, beautiful smiles as it is for alleviating discomfort. Whether you’re in need of braces, or any other orthodontic or dental need, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Hamlin Dental Group – the dentist that will have the whole family smiling.