Orthodontist Los Angeles

If an adult or child is in need of treatments that go beyond the scope of general dentistry, Hamlin Dental Group offers orthodontic services. For a trusted orthodontist in Los Angeles, many have turned to the specialists at Hamlin Dental Group. With three offices based throughout the San Fernando Valley, patients may simply schedule their consultation or procedure at the location closest to home. For an outstanding dentist in Los Angeles that is family-oriented and thoroughly educated and experienced, come treat with our dental professionals.

Dr. Garemani is the group’s resident orthodontic specialist. The Los Angeles orthodontist, with the aid of our friendly supporting staff, will determine the best course of action for fixing crooked or misaligned teeth. When a person first chooses an orthodontist in Los Angeles to correct an overbite or other teeth irregularities, he or she might worry about the unpleasantness that may come with wearing stainless steel braces. Dr. Garemani elects the dental techniques and products that yield the best results while limiting discomfort. In some cases, braces can be made of other materials that are completely comfortable, and using certain wires minimizes the number of necessary adjustments. The dentist may recommend invisible, custom-made trays to straighten the teeth, as opposed to braces, rubber bands, or headgear. If braces are designated for the dental patient, Dr. Garemani will bond them gently to the teeth, using wax to cushion any sharp edges.

Many people in Los Angeles with braces aren’t aware that there are other alternatives for correcting teeth. Dr. Garemani is a leading orthodontist in Los Angeles who will present each patient with all treatment options.

For more regarding the orthodontics provided through Hamlin Dental Group, please call us today at 888-400-8011.