Oral Surgery Van Nuys

Oral Surgery Van Nuys

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Most dental problems, such as cavities or bad breath, can be treated conservatively without surgery. However, surgery can be needed to prevent or correct certain problems or to restore your smile’s health. If our Van Nuys oral surgery expert recommends oral surgery, you may feel a little anxious. Understanding the procedures and your options can put your mind at ease.

Our Van Nuys oral surgeon may recommend oral surgery if you have:

• An impacted wisdom tooth, which can increase the risk of infection or disease to surrounding teeth and tissues
• Advanced periodontal disease that does not respond to more conservative treatments, which can cause bone and tissue loss over time when not treated
• Certain orthodontic problems, which can threaten your bite and your smile
• A badly diseased or damaged tooth, which can be painful and risk the health of adjacent teeth
• Certain oral injuries, diseases or deformities, which can only be addressed through surgery

At your consultation, we will take a complete dental history and perform a comprehensive exam. This allows us to determine the extent of the problem and determine the best way to proceed. Our expert in oral surgery in Van Nuys will explain your options and the treatment process. If you have dental anxiety, we may also recommend dental sedation, which can include inhaled or oral sedation. Most oral surgeries can be performed right in our office.

Van Nuys Oral Surgery

Your recovery period may depend on the procedure and your individual health needs. Our oral surgeon in Van Nuys will provide you with detailed aftercare instructions. Good dental hygiene is necessary to reduce the number of bacteria in the mouth and minimize the risk of infection. You may need to take precautions to protect healing areas or stitches. Take any medication you are prescribed exactly as directed for the best results, and do not stop taking antibiotics early, which can allow the bacteria to become resistant.

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