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Northridge Location

Welcome to Hamlin Dental Group's North Hollywood practice,

Hamlin Dental Group offers a North Hollywood dentist that each adult and child with trust with their teeth. As is the case with the Hamlin dentists in Van Nuys and Northridge, the caring, highly experienced dentist for North Hollywood patients conducts each general or orthodontic appointment with the patient’s comfort at the heart of the matter. The client receives dental services to look and feel better; there is no reason why he or she should experience unpleasantness during the procedure when discomfort can be minimized. While the North Hollywood dentist is a specialist and conducts him or herself with a level of professionalism, all Hamlin dentists develop a pleasant working relationship with each patient. The support teams at each of the three offices cultivate a warm, family-oriented environment in the reception areas which extend to the examination rooms.

Our Doctors

Dr Anoosh Yessaian DDS
Yessaian DDS
North Hollywood
Head Dentist

Hamid Reza DDS
Hamid Reza
Ian Woo MS, DDS, MD Oral Surgeon
Ian Woo
Oral Surgeon
Reza Garemani DMD  Orthodontist
Reza Garemani
Vincent W.H Wang DDS, MS Peridontist
Vincent W.H Wang

Our North Hollywood Staff

Celia Office Manager
Celia, Office Manager


Patient Coordinator




North Hollywood Dentist

When the North Hollywood, Van Nuys, or Northridge dentist first takes a look at the patient’s gums and teeth, even the most nervous client will feel remarkably at ease in the dentist’s chair. As is the case with every Hamlin doctor, the North Hollywood dentist carefully and gently approaches the teeth, communicating his or her observations so the patient is constantly kept in the loop. The dental professional will only recommend the necessary treatments for resolving crooked teeth, misalignments, or other problems. Even if the patient requires a root canal or implant, he or she may rest assured that the North Hollywood, Northridge, or Van Nuys dentist will conduct the procedure thoroughly and as gently as possible.

Make an AppointmentHamlin Dental Group in North Hollywood is located at 12509 Oxnard Street, #201, North Hollywood, CA. To visit Hamlin’s North Hollywood location, call 888-400-8011 today to schedule a check-up or a preliminary consultation.

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