Lumineers Van Nuys

When you look in the mirror, do you smile? Do you feel good about that smile? Many people have minor cosmetic problems that do not affect the health or function of their smiles, but it can affect their confidence. Our Van Nuys Lumineers expert can help you get the smile you deserve without the need for extensive preparation or lengthy treatment processes.

Lumineers are a special type of veneer that can be placed directly over your natural tooth. Conventional veneers require some preparation, and the natural tooth structure must be trimmed and shaped. Lumineers work differently. There is usually no need for our expert in Lumineers in Van Nuys to remove any tooth structure. The Lumineers are about as thin as a contact lens and add minimal bulk to your teeth.

Since you will not usually need to have your teeth prepared, our Van Nuys Lumineers expert can often complete the entire process in just two visits. We will start by discussing your options and developing a smile treatment plan. We then take a dental impression that will be used to create a mold. This mold will be used to create a wax design of your new smile, and you will be able to make any necessary adjustments. The lab will then create your new Lumineers, a process that can take a few weeks. Once your Lumineers are ready, we will roughen the surface of your teeth to ensure a strong bond, apply the special dental cement and bond the porcelain restorations to the teeth.

Van Nuys Lumineers

Our expert in Lumineers in Van Nuys can explain how to take care of your new smile. In general, you will need to brush after meals and floss at least once a day. Be especially careful to clean along the borders between the porcelain and the tooth to prevent this area from accumulating plaque or decaying. Regular checkups are also important, and you will need to avoid damaging habits, such as biting your nails or using your teeth as tools.

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