Los Angeles Root Canal

Los Angeles root canal patients want an experienced dentist with a fine, gentle touch to complete this detailed surgery. Maybe you have heard from those who have received a root canal in Los Angeles or beyond that the procedure is no more painful than having a cavity filled; however, optimal comfort is only available when competent dentists preside over the effected tooth. The patient can trust the dental professional and support staff at Hamlin Dental Group to take care of all aspects of this delicate procedure.

When a tooth decays or becomes infected as a resulted of negligence or lapsed dental appointments, the pulp and nerve within the tooth must be removed in order to save the tooth structure. If root canals for Los Angeles patients are foregone, their teeth will suffer further damage, and the infection may lead to problems in other parts of the body. A Los Angeles root canal, as performed by an endodontic specialist at Hamlin Dental Group, is completed in a few office visits. After preparing and numbing the surrounding area of the infected tooth, the dentist will drill an access hole to extract the nerve tissue. To provide for the patient’s comfort, the dentist may schedule another visit with the patient, at which time the tooth will be sealed. The dental professional will also advise if other measures need to be taken to prevent further infection and/or to strengthen the tooth, such as introducing a crown. In our years of experience with Los Angeles root canals, we have seen varying levels of damage to nerve tissue and pulp. Hamlin Dental Group will take the proper steps during the root canal to eradicate the problem.

Los Angeles root canal work is efficiently performed by the trusted dentists at Hamlin Dental Group. To schedule an appointment today, call 888-400-8011.