Los Angeles Periodontist

Dr. Vincent W. H. Wang, DDS, MS, the Los Angeles periodontist at Hamlin Dental Group, is highly-experienced in studying and treating the gums and other supportive structures of the teeth. Left untreated, periodontal issues such as gingivitis lead to bone loss, tooth decay, and tooth loss. A trusted periodontist in Los Angeles is needed to renew the appearance and health of the affected teeth. As a seasoned Los Angeles periodontist, Dr. Wang treats all stages of gum disease, an issue that affects 85% of Americans on some level.

The annual exams and routine teeth-cleanings offered by Hamlin Dental Group stave off gum disease. If the patient has gone long periods of time without these preventative services, Dr. Wang applies his knowledge and technique to restore damage teeth and gums through the best periodontics in Los Angeles. If the patient has lost a tooth, Dr. Wang introduces implants and/or crowns gently and efficiently. If the root of the tooth is exposed, the Los Angeles periodontist performs gingival grafting, borrowing tissue from the palate to compensate for thin gum tissue. The gum grafting prevents future gum recession, improving the look of the patient’s gums and, ultimately, his or her smile.

Dr. Wang provides the most innovative periodontic procedures, supplemented with proper information and medications to aid the healing process. Hamlin Dental Group in the San Fernando Valley is a leader in Los Angeles periodontics, orthodontics, and general dentistry.

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