Los Angeles Braces

When young people consider what it would be like to have braces, unpleasant prospects often come to mind. Los Angeles braces candidates worry about how these fixtures might affect their physical comfort and appearance, as well as their social life. A highly-skilled orthodontist in Los Angeles at Hamlin Dental Group offers corrective dental options that aren’t as intrusive or noticeable as standard braces. Los Angeles braces patients may select Invisalign trays to straighten misaligned teeth with the process overseen by a kind and gentle Hamlin dental professional.

With Invisalign, the patient receives customized, invisible aligners that he or she changes out as needed. When the Los Angeles braces patient first visits Hamlin Dental Group, the Los Angeles orthodontist will take x-rays that are used to create the custom-made trays that effectively align the teeth over time. With Invisalign as an alternative to obvious metal braces, underbites and overbites can be fixed, in addition to gaps between the teeth and overcrowding. The aligners should be worn every day, but they are easily removable when the dental patient needs to eat a meal or brush and floss. Friends will not notice these transparent, plastic aligners, even though they are worn by the patient daily.

Adults who never received braces can take advantage of the most modern Los Angeles orthodontics provided by Hamlin Dental Group, as Invisalign is also an appropriate course of action for certain adult patients. Veneers might also be recommended as an orthodontic measure for correcting the appearance of the teeth.

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