Los Angeles Adult Braces

Children are rarely thrilled at the prospect of wearing traditional orthodontic braces, but at least they have some company. However, in image conscious Los Angeles, adult braces concern many patients who fear the braces will receive more than their share of attention. At the Hamlin Dental Group, a leader in Los Angeles orthodontics, we do our best to find an option that will work for you – without making you feel unduly self-conscious.

An option that’s made Hamlin the place for adult braces Los Angeles residents turn to first for inconspicuous orthodontia is Invisalign. These are see-through plastic trays that effectively straighten teeth. It’s not hard to see why these have become the best known form of “hidden” Los Angeles adult braces. Alternatively, many patients may choose an accelerated approach to orthodontia that can take place in a matter of months, not years. Of course, no single process is best for anyone and some people may prefer a more traditional approach to orthodontia for a number of reasons.

Whatever approach you take for your Los Angeles adult braces, you can rely on Hamlin Dental Group for making the process as easy and efficient as possible as possible. Our outstanding team of friendly and gentle dentists and orthodontists, together with a first rate support staff, works together to ensure that visits are as comfortable and pleasant as possible.

With locations in North Hollywood, Van Nuys, and Northridge, Hamlin Dental Group is a committed member of the greater Los Angeles community. We take a friendly and compassionate approach to all of our dental procedures. If you’re looking for the finest Los Angeles orthodontist available, please call our offices or contact Hamlin Dental Group today for a free initial consultation.