Living With Adult Braces

Living With Adult Braces
Braces aren’t just for teens. The exponentially increasing number of older patients with braces bears it out. You may decide you need braces on your own, or more likely on your dentist’s recommendation. In fact, only your dentist can approve your candidacy. But you may want braces simply because your parents couldn’t afford them when you were an adolescent, or because you’ve experienced dental relapse. Even after straightening, teeth don’t always stay in position. Crossbite can reform, and a lost tooth can encourage nearby teeth to shift.

Obviously the braces experience as an adult is different than that of a teen. You have workplace expectations and a new set of beauty ideals. But you can manage your braces lifestyle with planning and foresight. Here are some tips:

  • Learn to love flossing. Nobody likes it, but it’s essential for braces patients due to the consistency of food stuck in brackets. Your teeth will be harder to clean for the entirety of your braces treatment, but regular flossing can minimize damage.
  • Have a toothbrush with you at all times. Ordinarily it’s not recommended that you brush your teeth immediately after meals, and even braces patients should try to wait 30 minutes after eating. But since ordinary patterns are suspended during the braces program, you may need to brush sooner not later. Again, this is due to the difficulty of keeping food particles out of the brackets.
  • Carry a dental kit. This should include: toothbrush, floss, and dental wax. Wax is essential for pain relief, since braces can be a constant agitant.
  • Eat carefully. Get to know your knife and fork even for things like pizza. Smaller bites are more manageable for braces. You’ll need to skip certain foods, like snack chips and corn on the cob, for the duration of your treatment.

Adult braces can bring symmetry and confidence back to your smile. Contact our dental office to find out if you qualify.

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