Keeping Your Teeth as You Age

Keeping Your Teeth as You Age

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You only get one set of permanent teeth during your life. These teeth are made to last a lifetime, but many of us begin to lose teeth as early as our 30s. While tooth loss may be common, it is not inevitable. You can keep your smile for life with a few simple changes to your routine.

1. Using an electric toothbrush
Although we brush twice a day from the time we can remember being old enough to brush, many of us are still not brushing correctly. Electric toothbrushes take the confusion out of brushing your teeth. They can clean effectively even in hard-to-reach areas and often feature timers to ensure you are brushing for the full two minutes each time.

2. Choosing the right products
Toothpaste is no longer just toothpaste. Today’s dental products come with plenty of added benefits to meet every smile’s unique needs. You can find a toothpaste for tartar control, whitening, sensitive teeth and other problems. Prescription toothpaste with extra fluoride is available for those prone to weak enamel or decay. Special mouthwashes may be appropriate as well. You can create a customized regimen that is just right for you.

3. Receiving timely dental care
Although it is a good reason for them, regular checkups are about more than just catching early signs of dental disease. During these checkups, we also examine your restorations to ensure they do not need to be replaced and recommend preventive treatments that could help your smile.

4. Wearing a night guard when needed
Bruxism can quickly destroy your teeth and damage your gums. A night guard can protect against the damage of bruxism.

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