Invisalign Northridge

For years, individuals who suffered from crooked teeth dreaded the day they would need to wear awkward, harsh metal braces. Fortunately, those days are long since passed, thanks to the gentle dentistry and cutting-edge treatments like Invisalign at Northridge-based Hamlin Dental Group.

For a patient receiving Invisalign in Northridge, the first step is to have impressions, X-rays and photographs taken of one’s teeth. From there, dental impressions made by a dentist in Northridge, CA are scanned, and a 3D representation of the patient’s teeth is created. This is used to build elastic, thermoplastic aligners that are fit perfectly and comfortably over the patient’s teeth.

These aligners apply a small amount of pressure, gradually moving teeth into their correct position. As placement of one’s teeth changes, new aligners are used that better suit the mouth’s evolving structure.

Upon first receiving Invisalign, Northridge orthodontic patients are instructed to wear their aligners for at least 20 hours per day for two to three weeks. On average, the treatment will take about 13.5 months – significantly less than many traditional orthodontic devices.

Advantaged of Invisalign

Invisalign NorthridgeThe effectiveness of Invisalign in Northridge at providing a beautiful, straightened smile is enough to make many patients eager to start their treatment. However, that’s only one of the benefits one finds with Invisalign compared to other orthodontic procedures. For instance:

  • Since Invisalign is completely transparent, it is nearly invisible, making it far more aesthetically pleasing than traditional braces
  • The aligners can be removed for eating and brushing or flossing teeth, so patients can eat as they wish, and keep up with oral hygiene far better than patients who wear traditional braces
  • Aligners don’t involve harsh metal parts, only a soft, thermoelastic material, making them one of the most comfortable orthodontic options.

As one of the gentlest orthodontic treatment options, it should come as no surprise that Invisalign is utilized by the acclaimed Northridge dentist team at Hamlin Dental Group. After all, they’re the dentist Northridge residents trust to provide gentle, conservative dental care that often keeps patients coming back throughout the course of their lives. Since oral health needs change throughout our lives, the services offered at Hamlin Dental Group – ranging from general cleanings to cosmetic veneers and laminates, full smile makeovers and dental bonding in Los Angeles – are comprehensive enough to cover children, teens, adults and seniors alike.

For orthodontic procedures like Invisalign in Northridge and much more in regions throughout the San Fernando Valley, contact best dentist in Los Angeles – Hamlin Dental Group. You can reach us at 888-400-8011 to schedule an appointment. Our dedicated cosmetic dentist in Van Nuys, North Hollywood and Northridge is looking forward to treating your dental needs with the gentlest and best dentistry!