Invisalign North Hollywood

Invisalign North HollywoodWith, Invisalign, North Hollywood-based dentists at Hamlin Dental Group provide patients with removable teeth aligners instead of traditional metal dental braces. This offers patients a far more comfortable experience and aesthetically pleasing smile while their teeth are straightened. Thanks to Invisalign, North Hollywood orthodontic patients can enjoy effective teeth straightening, and all the while nobody will know you’re wearing any orthodontic device at all.

Once an oral surgeon at Los Angeles‘ Hamlin Dental Group decides that a patient might be a good candidate for Invisalign, they’ll take X-rays and photographs of their mouth. From there, computer technicians will design aligners that are uniquely molded for each person’s mouth. The aligners are made from an elastic material that applies a comfortable amount of pressure, slowly but surely aligning teeth, with new aligners made and used every few weeks to adapt to changes in the structure of teeth.

The Benefits of Invisalign

For many patients, the greatest benefit of Invisalign at North Hollywood-based Hamlin Dental Group is the fact that they are entirely transparent – making them almost impossible to detect. In the past, those who wore braces were subject to embarrassment that could have a dire effect on their self-esteem and relationships with others. However, thanks to Invisalign

While the aesthetic benefits of Invisalign are enough for many patients, that’s only the beginning of their effectiveness. Invisalign is also much better for promoting a health mouth than other orthodontic devices. Since they can be removed for eating and cleaning, patients with Invisalign in North Hollywood don’t have to suffer from the irritating and unhealthy issue of food getting caught in braces – issues that can lead to tooth decay.

The ability to take out Invisalign for meals means that Hamlin Dental Group patients can benefit from teeth straightening while still eating whatever they like. Further still, the aligners are often far more comfortable and require less force than traditional braces. Simply put, Invisalign allows the wearer to live a far more enjoyable, life, free of common frustrations experienced by others who undergo long-term care from an. orthodontist in North Hollywood

Our Gentle Dentistry

The gentler nature of Invisalign compared to other orthodontic treatments makes it a perfect addition to the many treatments performed by a North Hollywood cosmetic dentist at Hamlin Dental Group. Their dental experts understand that dental and orthodontic needs continue at every stage of life, so whether you’re in need of Invisaling, Veneers or braces in Los Angeles – or even a full smile makeover – you’ll find the ideal treatment for your needs. Their team consists of the cosmetic dentist North Hollywood, Northridge and Van Nuys residents trust for conservative, gentle dentistry when it comes to general dentistry or dental implants in North Hollywood.

Their team consists of the cosmetic dentist North Hollywood, Northridge and Van Nuys residents trust for conservative, gentle dentistry that is appropriate for all ages. To visit the dentist dentist Van Nuys, Northridge and North Hollywood residents trust call 888-400-8011 today to schedule a check-up or a preliminary consultation.