Gummy Smile Reduction Van Nuys

Gummy Smile Reduction Van NuysIf you are bothered by your gummy smile, our Van Nuys gummy smile reduction expert can help. Several different things can cause a gummy smile, but it is overall defined as a smile that exposes about three or more millimeters of gum tissue. While this extra gum tissue is not usually a sign that there is a dental health problem, it can be a source of embarrassment. We want you to have a smile of which you are confident with, a smile that you want to share and a smile that makes you feel better rather than worse about yourself.

Our expert in gummy smile reduction in Van Nuys will begin by finding the underlying cause as to why you have a gummy smile. We may do this through a simple visual exam, or we may recommend more extensive tests, including dental X-rays and 3D images. Since gummy smiles can be caused by a few things, finding out the cause of your gummy smile is critical in finding the right treatment to give you the smile that you want.

Van Nuys Gummy Smile Reduction

One of the more common causes of a gummy smile is a high lip line or hypermobile lip muscles. This causes the lip to excessively thin when you smile, and it results in revealing a larger than normal amount of gum tissue. Our Van Nuys gummy smile reduction expert may recommend a lip lowering procedure, which limits the movement of the upper lip and keeps it in a lower position.

Another common cause of gummy smiles is simply an excess amount of gum tissue. The gum tissue may cover a part of the crown of the tooth, making the tooth look short or stumpy. Our expert in gummy smile reduction in Van Nuys may recommend crown lengthening in order to remove the excess tissue. We may need to remove just gum tissue or both gum tissue and bone tissue, depending on your needs.

Both procedures are minimally invasive and can be completed right in our office. When we are done, you will be able to see and enjoy your new smile right away. Most patients recover quickly and without complications, but we will give you instructions to maximize your results and to reduce your risk of problems. Call us today to schedule your consultation with our Van Nuys dentist.

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