Gummy Smile Reduction Northridge

Gummy Smile Reduction Northridge

A gummy smile, or a smile that reveals more than the normal amount of gum tissue, can create an imbalanced appearance. Your teeth may look abnormally small, or your gums might look larger than your teeth. A gummy smile might not cause any dental health problems, but it can cause you to feel self-conscious. We have several options available for correcting it. Our Northridge dental office offers gummy smile reduction treatments that can transform your look.

At your consultation, we will begin by thoroughly examining your smile. Understanding the underlying cause of your gummy smile will help us better address it. Some of the most common causes for gummy smiles include:

• Excessive gum tissue
• Small teeth
• Overly developed or hyperactive lip muscles
• Upper lip frenulum, or upper lip attached too tightly to gums
• Malocclusions, or abnormal jaw development

In some cases, more than one issue can cause your gummy smile. The right gummy smile reduction treatment will address each underlying cause to ensure lasting results.

One of the more popular treatments in a gummy smile reduction is crown lengthening. During this procedure, we remove the extra gum tissue covering the crowns of the teeth. This exposes more of the natural tooth structure so that your smile looks more balanced and attractive. This procedure offers immediate results and can also offer dental health benefits by removing excess tissue, which can harbor plaque and bacteria and increase the risk of periodontal disease.

Veneers can also be an option, particularly for patients whose teeth are abnormally small. The veneers cover the teeth and can be used to create longer looking teeth for a more proportionate smile. Orthodontics is used to correct bite and jaw abnormalities. With orthodontics, you can also enjoy better facial proportions, as the jaw is brought into its correct position.

Gummy smile reduction is typically performed in our office. We will work together to create your treatment plan and create a beautiful new smile that truly reflects you. Call our Northridge dental office today to learn more about your treatment options or to schedule your appointment with our team.

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