Foods That Can Stain Your Teeth

Foods That Can Stain Your Teeth

Anything that can stain your clothes can also stain your smile, but while stains can be easy to get out of many fabrics, they can be much harder to get off of your teeth. Avoiding stains is much easier than removing them when it comes to your smile.

Foods that can stain your teeth include:

• Soda
• Tea
• Coffee
• Berries
• Wine
• Soy sauce
• Curry
• Wine

Artificial dyes, such as those in energy drinks, some juices, candies, and other foods and drinks can also stain the teeth.

Foods tend to be more likely to stain your teeth if they are served hot. Heat tends to cause the pores of the teeth to open, which allows the stain-causing substances to penetrate the teeth more easily. Acidic foods are also more likely to stain teeth because they soften and erode the hard enamel surface.

Good dental hygiene can help prevent stains from accumulating. About thirty minutes after you eat, brush, and floss carefully. Brushing buffs the superficial stains and coats teeth with fluoride toothpaste, which helps harden the enamel. Professional cleanings further protect the teeth and keep them white and healthy.

If you notice stains showing up in spite of your best efforts, teeth whitening treatments can be a great option. Teeth whitening uses peroxide to lighten stains with the power of oxygen. It enters the enamel and breaks down stains in both the enamel and the dentin, which brushing alone cannot reach. After you have whitened your teeth, good dental habits can help them stay white, but you might still need occasional touch-up treatments. Call our expert in teeth whitening in Northridge to learn more about keeping your smile bright, or to schedule your appointment.

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