Facts and Myths about Cavities

Facts and Myths about Cavities

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Cavities are almost as much of an everyday occurrence as the common cold, but many myths still surround them. Knowing what causes cavities and how to protect yourself from them can keep your smile healthier, stronger, and more attractive.

Cavity Myth One: Sugar causes cavities.

Fact: Bacteria are to blame for cavities, but the bacteria use sugar for fuel, and once they consume the sugar, they excrete acid, which erodes teeth and breaks down enamel, decaying teeth.

Cavity Myth Two: Kids get more cavities than adults

Fact: Cavities can affect people of any age. In fact, fluoridation has decreased cavities in school-aged children in the last two decades, but senior citizens are now facing increased rates of cavities thanks to medications that cause dry mouth. To protect yourself, chew sugar-free gum or talk to us about saliva replacement products to keep your mouth moist and comfortable.

Cavity Myth Three: Cavities are obvious.

Fact: You will not necessarily know if you have a cavity. This is why regular checkups are so critical. During your appointment, we check your teeth for signs of cavities or other dental problems so that you can be sure your teeth are as healthy as they can be.

Cavity Myth Four: Cavities are inevitable.

Fact: Cavities are extremely common, but good dental habits can prevent them. Good nutrition, careful dental hygiene, and preventive treatments as recommended can all play a role in your fight against cavities.

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