Emergency Dental Care North Hollywood

Emergency Dental Care North Hollywood

A dental emergency can be a frightening situation. During a dental emergency, you may not know where to turn. Unlike a medical emergency, you do not have a handy phone number to call or a convenient emergency room. However, you do have someone who can help: our North Hollywood emergency dental care team. We are here to help in any dental emergency and can stabilize your condition and help protect your long-term dental health.

Having access to timely emergency dental care in North Hollywood can make the difference between saving a smile and losing a tooth. What is considered a dental emergency? The following situations can all require prompt dental care, including:

• Avulsed teeth
A knocked-out tooth is a true emergency. Seek care as soon as possible and do not handle the tooth. Place it in a tooth preservation kit or a glass of milk, and place gauze over the socket to stop the bleeding.

• Dislodged teeth
Bite down gently on the tooth to hold it into place, and seek treatment as soon as possible. You may need a root canal treatment to preserve the tooth.

• Infected or abscessed teeth You may need a course of antibiotics or root canal therapy to treat the infection and save the tooth.

• Fractured teeth
Root canal therapy and a dental crown may be needed to save and protect the long-term function of the tooth.

• Lost restorations
You may simply need a new restoration. If there is no pain, this type of emergency may be able to wait for normal business hours, but it does need to be treated as soon as possible to reduce the risk of further damage.

• Toothaches
Toothaches can occur for a number of different reasons both minor and major. A proper diagnosis and treatment can ensure the best outcome.

Our North Hollywood emergency dental care experts will examine your tooth to determine the reason for the problem and make a diagnosis. We will determine the best way to stabilize the tooth and proceed with your care.

North Hollywood Emergency Dental Care

Many dental emergencies are preventable with good dental habits. Brushing and flossing are some of the best ways to keep your smile healthy. Wear a night guard if you grind your teeth, and wear an athletic guard if you play contact sports or engage in high-risk activities. Keep an emergency dental kit on hand along with a number for our emergency dental care in North Hollywood.

Call us today to find out more or to schedule an appointment with our North Hollywood dentist.

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