Dental Fillings Northridge

Dental Fillings Northridge

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Tooth decay is an infection of the tooth that can lead to the permanent loss of tooth structure. Without treatment, the decay can reach the inner chambers of the tooth, which can necessitate root canal therapy or extraction. If you have a cavity, our Northridge dental fillings dentist may recommend a dental filling.

Your mouth is filled with millions of bacteria. Many of these are harmless or even beneficial, but a few strains can cause serious dental disease. These bacteria live in a biofilm called plaque, which is constantly forming on teeth. If plaque is not thoroughly removed, it allows the bacteria to emit an acidic byproduct, which erodes teeth. Plaque can also harden into tartar, a mineralized substance that can house even more bacteria. Regular checkups and cleanings with our expert in dental fillings in Northridge can reduce the risk of cavities, but if you already have a cavity, you will need a filling to restore the tooth.

Northridge Dental Fillings

The filling material is designed to replace the lost tooth structure and restore the look, function and health of the tooth. Our Northridge dental fillings dentist uses a special tooth-colored filling material that bonds chemically with the tooth and closely resembles natural enamel. To begin the process, we numb the tooth and nearby tissues before removing the decayed tissue and cleaning the tooth. This ensures your complete comfort. After applying a special conditioning liquid, we apply the putty-like resin material in thin layers. Each layer is cured with a special light before moving to the next layer.

Our expert in dental fillings in Northridge trims and polishes the filling for the most natural-looking and feeling restoration. You can use your new filling as soon as you leave our office, but you may want to skip potentially staining foods and drinks for a day or two after your filling has been placed. Good dental hygiene is all you need to keep your filling strong and your tooth healthy.

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