Dental Fillings North Hollywood

Dental Fillings North Hollywood

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Dental fillings are restorations that are needed when a tooth has been decayed or broken. The most common filling materials include composite resin, amalgam and porcelain. Although amalgam has been used for years to restore teeth, more dentists are turning to tooth-colored materials for mercury-free, cosmetically appealing restorations. Our North Hollywood dental fillings expert can help you decide which type of filling is best for you.

Teeth consist of several layers. The outer layer is enamel, and this is the strongest substance in the body. Even stronger than bone, enamel is designed to withstand even the strongest bite forces. However, once the enamel begins to decay as a result of bacterial processes, it cannot be restored. The lost enamel can expose the dentin of the tooth, which can lead to pain and infection. Our expert in dental fillings in North Hollywood uses a filling to restore the area of lost enamel and preserve the integrity of your tooth.

North Hollywood Dental Fillings

A filling is a conservative treatment that can be used on a tooth with minor damage or a cavity. Alternative treatments may include inlays, onlays or crowns, which are more extensive restorations that are usually used for more serious damage. Our North Hollywood dental fillings expert can place a dental filling in a single appointment.

To begin the procedure, our expert in dental fillings in North Hollywood will numb the tissues in the treatment area using a local anesthetic. The decayed area is carefully removed from the tooth, and the cavity is cleaned to remove any debris and bacteria. The composite resin is applied in thin layers and shaped to match the natural contours of the tooth. We use a special handheld light to cure the tooth, and then our team will polish the filling to create a restoration that blends beautifully with your smile.

Once your filling is in place, you simply need to brush and floss carefully to keep the tooth and filling free of plaque and debris. Good brushing habits will help reduce the risk of future cavities and keep the tooth around the filling strong and healthy. Call us today to schedule your appointment with our dentist in North Hollywood.