Dental Extraction North Hollywood

Dental Extraction North Hollywood

Teeth are necessary for biting, chewing, and speaking, as well as maintaining proper jaw, oral, and facial structure. Whenever possible, our North Hollywood team’s goal is to preserve, restore, repair, and save your natural teeth. However, dental extraction can be a necessary part of your dental treatment plan. If you are a candidate for an extraction, we will explain the procedure, make sure that you are comfortable, and provide you with detailed aftercare instructions. If appropriate, we will also explain your restoration options.

A dental extraction may be recommended if:

• Wisdom teeth are impacted or are crowding your other teeth
• Cysts have formed around wisdom teeth
• The wisdom teeth are not erupting properly or are threatening the health of other teeth
• A tooth is too damaged or diseased to continue to function and cannot be restored
• A tooth is badly infected and cannot be saved with a root canal treatment

Extractions are usually performed using local anesthesia. A shot will be given to numb your mouth in the area of the tooth so that you will feel no discomfort during the procedure. Sedation may also be available to our patients who are feeling anxious or nervous. Our North Hollywood dentist can perform a simple extraction if the tooth is visible above the gum line, but a surgical extraction may be needed if the tooth has not yet erupted, or has broken at or near the gum line.

Once the tooth has been removed, you will be given detailed instructions on how to care for the dental extraction site. Avoid any activities that could disrupt the healing tissues. This includes vigorous rinsing and smoking. Avoid carbonated beverages and straws for the next twenty-four hours. Cold packs can relieve swelling while good brushing and flossing can keep your mouth clean and reduce the risk of infection. If you are prescribed medications such as antibiotics, take them as recommended. Be sure to not stop them prematurely.

Most extractions are uncomplicated, and patients heal without difficulty. Restoration options can include dental implants, bridges, or dentures depending on your needs. Call our North Hollywood office to schedule your dental extraction.

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