Dental Exam Van Nuys

Dental Exam Van Nuys

A dental exam can be one of the best ways to keep an eye on your smile. Many dental problems develop slowly and with few noticeable symptoms, but if you can catch them early, you can reduce the likelihood of them causing any serious damage. Our Van Nuys dental exam dentist can help you determine the best schedule for routine dental exams for your smile.

Regular checkups help you keep your teeth and gums healthy by keeping plaque and tartar under control. During these appointments, our expert in dental exam in Van Nuys cleans your teeth, but we also evaluate your smile for potential signs of trouble, and can make recommendations or suggestions to improve your dental health. These checkups can be a valuable opportunity to not just spot problems but to avoid them entirely.

Van Nuys Dental Exam

Several things will happen at your appointment. First, we will look for cavities, plaque, and tartar. Plaque is a sticky, clear biofilm that consists of bacteria and debris that can harden into tartar if it is not adequately removed, and both can cause dental diseases. Next, we will examine your gums for signs of irritation or inflammation and measure the depth between your teeth and your gums. Ideally, these spaces should be shallow, which prevents bacteria and plaque from growing here. If the spaces become deeper, plaque can form and be impossible for you to remove. This can allow an infection to develop deep below the surface of the gums. Our Van Nuys dental exam dentist will also check your tongue and other oral structures for signs or symptoms of oral diseases.

Before you leave, we will clean your teeth. We use special tools to remove all tartar and plaque and a rotating polishing tool to smooth the surface of your teeth so that it is harder for bacteria to reattach. We will finish by flossing between each set of teeth to remove any remaining plaque and get your teeth completely clean.

Most people should visit us about every six months, but you may need to visit our expert in dental exam in Van Nuys more frequently if you:

• Smoke or use chewing tobacco
• Drink heavily
• Use certain prescription drugs, such as antihistamines or antidepressants, which can dry your mouth
• Have a systemic condition such as diabetes
• Are pregnant
• Have a tendency to develop heavy plaque or tartar deposits
• Have active gum disease
• Tend to get cavities
• Have numerous restorations

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