Dental Bridges North Hollywood

Dental Bridges North Hollywood

The loss of a tooth can set off a chain reaction of events that can destabilize your smile and put your dental health at risk. As soon as the tooth is gone, the bone that surrounded it begins to dissolve, since it is no longer needed it. This can lead to the socket collapsing. Over time, the teeth on either side of the gap can begin to drift or tilt into the space. This can lead to damage to these teeth, or it can cause malocclusions, gum disease, and tooth decay. Our North Hollywood dental bridges expert may recommend a dental bridge to restore the lost tooth.

A dental bridge can be placed to maintain proper spacing and to restore the function and appearance of the lost tooth. Our expert in dental bridges in North Hollywood can place the bridge in just a few appointments. At the first appointment, we will ensure the bridge is the best choice for you. The teeth that will support the bridge will need to be strong and healthy. Some patients may need to have root canal treatments first, but this is not always necessary.

North Hollywood Dental Bridges

Next, the teeth will need to be prepared. Our North Hollywood dental bridges expert will remove some of the enamel from the teeth and shape them to fit inside the dental crowns of the bridge. These crowns are attached to the false tooth, or pontic, and will hold it in place. Once the teeth are prepared, we take a dental impression so that we can customize your restoration. A temporary bridge is placed over your prepared teeth to fill the gap, and the impression is sent to the dental lab so they can make your new bridge.

When your bridge is ready, our expert in dental bridges in North Hollywood will then bond it to your prepared teeth using strong dental cement. Bridges can last many years when they are maintained. While bridges do not need special care beyond good dental hygiene, you may need to ensure that you are cleaning especially well above and around the bridge using a flossing tool designed just for bridges. This floss threader allows you to thread the floss around the bridge to clean any debris. Brush the crowned teeth carefully along the borders to remove any plaque buildup that could decay these teeth. Finish with fluoride mouthwash to strengthen your teeth.

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