Dental Bonding Northridge

Dental Bonding Northridge
Dental bonding is one of the fastest, most affordable ways to repair a chipped, broken, gapped, or discolored tooth. It is an aesthetic alternative to amalgam fillings and can be completed in just one visit to Dr. Reza, Northridge dental bonding dentist. If one of your teeth has a problem, we can help you decide if bonding is right for you.

Bonding is performed using composite resin. This is a special blend of plastic and glass that can be made in shades that closely match the color of your natural teeth. The resin is hardened using a powerful light and polished so that it has sheen much like dental enamel. Dr. Reza, expert in dental bonding in Northridge, can use bonding in a variety of ways to improve and perfect your smile by repairing damaged teeth, closing gaps, changing the shapes of teeth, and correcting the color of teeth.

If you are a candidate for dental bonding, Dr. Reza, Northridge dental bonding dentist, will begin by preparing your tooth. Unless decay is present, only minimal prep is needed, meaning an anesthetic may not be necessary. The tooth’s surface will be gently roughened, and a priming liquid will be applied to promote the bond between the resin and the tooth.

Northridge Dental Bonding

Dr. Reza, expert in dental bonding in Northridge, will apply the putty-like resin in thin layers, shaping and curing each layer before applying the next. Once the tooth has been restored, we will shape, trim, and polish it for a flawless finish. Your tooth can be used as soon as you leave our office, but you might need to avoid anything that could stain it for the first day or two after your restoration has been completed.

Bonding can last five to ten years or even longer when properly maintained. Brush and floss your teeth as recommended, and visit us at least twice a year. Use scissors rather than your teeth to open packages, and if you grind your teeth, wear a mouthguard to protect them from damage. Give us a call today to learn more or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Reza, Northridge cosmetic dentist.

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