Braces Los Angeles

These days, braces are much less obvious and quite comfortable when compared to the metal braces children were subjected to just a matter of years ago. Hamlin Dental Group is happy to provide the latest innovations in braces to Los Angeles patients. A leading option for both young adult and adult patients is Invisalign, which correct overbites, underbites, and crooked teeth. The Hamlin orthodontist in Los Angeles County at the Northridge, North Hollywood, or Van Nuys location will develop a treatment plan, commission the creation, and oversee the fitting of your Invisalign trays. While the patient that chooses Invisalign is required to wear their aligners daily, the clear plastic material goes unnoticed while straightening the teeth over the course of treatment. Additionally, the Invisalign braces for Los Angeles patients are easily removable when it is time to eat or brush teeth. The patient’s speech will not be affected by using the Invisalign trays.

The Los Angeles orthodontist or cosmetic dentists at Hamlin Dental Group will recommend the appropriate materials and procedure to remedy each dental issue. Vaneers are bonded to improve the appearance of individual teeth, while the dental implants introduced to the roots result in natural-looking replacements. If you are looking in Los Angeles for braces that are comfortable or for superior cosmetic dentistry, visit Hamlin Dental Group. After working with Hamlin, the patient will have a pleasing full set of teeth and the beautiful smile Hamlin promises.

Invisalign braces for Los Angeles and other braces options are available at Hamlin Dental Group. To schedule a consultation, call 888-400-8011 today.