Bone Grafts Van Nuys

Bone Grafts Van Nuys

Some dental diseases can cause problems far below the surface of the gums. Tooth loss and periodontal disease can both lead to the loss of bone tissue. As the bone is reabsorbed by the body, the jawbone thins and weakens. This could lead to further bone loss and more dental problems. Our Van Nuys bone grafts dentist may recommend a bone graft.

A bone graft is a type of regenerative procedure designed to restore lost tissue. Before undergoing your bone graft, you may need a special procedure called scaling and root planing. During a scaling and root planing, buildup will be removed from your teeth, and the roots will be smoothed to facilitate healing. You will also need to maintain excellent dental hygiene. Our expert in bone grafts in Van Nuys will explain the procedure and any pre-surgery treatments that may be needed.

Van Nuys Bone Grafts

During the bone graft, our Van Nuys bone grafts dentist will thoroughly clean the roots of your teeth and apply the graft material to weakened spots and defects in the bone tissue. The grafting material may include your own bone, donor bone or synthetic bone material. Once the tissue is in place, a special barrier is applied to cover the grafting material and protect the site as it heals. Over the next several months, your body will begin to build new bone and soft tissue to cover the graft, which will strengthen the jawbone to better support your teeth or a dental implant.

Most people heal well after a bone graft. Our expert in bone grafts in Van Nuys will explain the proper aftercare procedures. You may need to use pain medicine or antibiotics after your surgery. These should be taken exactly as prescribed for the best results. You will also need to keep your mouth clean with good brushing and flossing habits to reduce the risk of infection. If you are a candidate for implants, these will generally be placed once the graft site has fully healed. Call us today to learn more about bone and tissue grafts or to schedule an appointment with our dentist in Van Nuys.

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