Best Ways to Use an Electric Toothbrush

Best Ways to Use an Electric Toothbrush

Electric toothbrushes can make the essential task of brushing your teeth not just easier but also more effective. They often have built-in timers and can make thousands of brush strokes more than you can each time you brush. However, to get the biggest benefits from your powered toothbrush, you need to be using it properly.

1. Hold your brush properly. As with a manual toothbrush, electric toothbrushes work best when they are held at a 45-degree angle towards your gum line.

2. Be gentle. Because powered toothbrushes vibrate and rotate, you do not need to brush back and forth or scrub your teeth. Simply pull your brush along the teeth and gum line gently as you allow the brush to clean your teeth.

3. Use toothpaste. An electric toothbrush mechanically cleans your teeth, but it works better when used with fluoride toothpaste. Use toothpaste with the ADA seal and in a flavor and type that you like, and brush for about two minutes. The built-in timer can help you stay on track.

Brush your teeth twice a day to remove plaque and debris from your teeth, and floss once a day. You can also use an interdental cleaner to clean between your teeth. You do not need to replace an electric toothbrush the same way manual brushes need to be replaced, but the brush head will need to be changed. However, you do need to change the brush head at least every three months or when the bristles show signs of wear. Change the head after illness as well.

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