Adult Braces North Hollywood

Adult Braces North Hollywood

Braces used to be associated with only kids and teens, but adults now account for almost half of new orthodontics patients. Whether you have had orthodontic problems for many years or have suffered orthodontic relapse after treatment as a teen or child, braces can be a great option for adults like you. Our North Hollywood team offers adult braces solutions to meet the specific needs of our adult patients.


Adult patients are often concerned about the look of treatment. While conventional metal braces are still available and can be used for both teens and adults, we also offer alternatives to ensure adults feel confident in any situation. These include ceramic braces, clear braces, and lingual braces. Adult braces offer a variety of customization options and can be easily adapted to your needs.

Bite Correction

An improper bite can lead to serious dental problems over time and is one of the major reasons adults seek braces. It can cause severe crowding, worn teeth, receding gums, and bruxism, as well as many other issues. We can use braces to correct the bite and improve both the function and look of the teeth. The process can be more involved than with teens due to marginal bone loss, harder bone tissue, and biomechanical limitations. Our North Hollywood team has the skill to correct your bite without risking your dental health. With orthodontic treatment, we can even reduce the risk of many of the long-term problems that are associated with a poor bite, and improve your overall dental health.


The costs of adult braces are similar to other orthodontic costs. Insurance may cover part of your costs if the treatment is needed for dental health reasons. Our team works with patients to maximize their coverage and find financial solutions that work for each patient. We also offer a variety of affordable financing options, including low- or no-cost financing.

Everyone deserves a healthy, happy smile. Call our orthodontist in North Hollywood today to learn more about adult braces or to schedule your consultation with our team.

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