Accelerated Orthodontics Northridge

Accelerated Orthodontics NorthridgeConventional orthodontics can take from twelve to thirty-six months. The amount of time it takes to complete treatment can vary based on the extent and complexity of the orthodontic problems. Simple, uncomplicated spacing and alignment issues will typically take less time, while more complex bite problems can take longer. However, new advances in the field can shorten the amount of time you spend in orthodontic treatment despite a more severe condition. Our team in Northridge can help you decide if accelerated orthodontics is right for you.

Accelerated orthodontics can give you your dream smile in a fraction of the time needed for conventional treatments. The process can include one or several procedures to address spacing, repositioning, straightening, and correcting alignment problems to achieve the desired results. The process can include minor surgical procedures, manicuring, or the use of devices to stimulate the bone remodeling process necessary for successful orthodontic outcomes.

Our Northridge dental team will work with you to find the best accelerated orthodontics solution for your needs. At your evaluation, we will check your oral function, bite, and facial structure, as well as take a series of X-rays, photographs, and impressions. These records and images are used to prepare your treatment plan. We will explain our recommendations, your options and your costs. The process is completely personalized based on your needs, so there is no single right answer that works for every patient.

If you are a candidate for accelerated orthodontics in Northridge, you can have your new smile in as few as three to nine months. Less time with braces can be great for your confidence, but it also means less disruption to your lifestyle and better oral health. You can show off your new smile faster. After you have completed the active phase of treatment, you will need to continue wearing a retainer. This will help protect your new smile and prevent relapse, which can occur if the teeth shift back towards their original positions.

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